We believe that data is meant to serve the human spirit, not rule it. Our mission is to revolutionize big data by making it simple. We are a funded, fast growing technology start-up located in Srinagar. Our founders are successful entrepreneurs who have been in the business of making data work for businesses and consumers.


We enable enterprises to transform into an Industry 4.0 – Digital Enterprise, providing users with continuous insight and intelligence that can be used in a dynamical and interactive manner. We believe that the enterprise value is captured within digital models, as we combine this with data and apply analytics (AI/ML), it allows to gain optimal benefits and continuous competitive advantage of the digital transformation, Industry 4.0, and IIoT journey.

Analytics of the Future

We are providing high-end business analytics leveraging latest technologies like cloud, open source etc., supplemented by the propriety automation and platform capabilities. We believe that there was always a simpler way. We set out to help companies find it. In the years since, technology has continued to evolve at an incredible pace. Technology now touches every facet of people’s daily lives and we’re happy to be right in the middle of the transformation that is taking place.

An objective of providing honest, holistic and sustainable solutions.

Our unique interdisciplinary approach and cross-industry learning drive innovation in solving high-impact business problems across marketing, risk and supply chain.

  • Project Requirement Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Build CI/CD pipelines for Deployments
  • Live!!